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What is My GaTech?

My GaTech is the central email and calendar service provided for students, faculty, and staff.

My GaTech is powered by the open source software Zimbra 7.

What Can I Do with My GaTech?

  • Connect My GaTech to Microsoft Outlook!
  • Utilize the Simplified Search Functionality to make finding emails easier.
  • Delete an Email by accident?  You can use the Self-Restore function to get it back.
  • Not sure of someone’s email address?  Use the People Search at the top to find it.
  • The advanced web interface makes adding attachments easy.  Simply drag & drop attachments (files, emails, or contacts) or select multiple attachments at once with the Attachment function.
  • For advanced Calendar users, check out the Scheduling Wizard to avoid time conflicts and get your participants together faster with less hassle.
  • You can also set Email and SMS Calendar reminders so that you are never late.

Need Help?

Check out the My Ga Tech FAQs!

Still have a question?  Here are some additional resources: